Representations & Warranties Insurance

60% of all private-target M&A deals receive a post-closing claim. So, if you’re going to insure your M&A deal, it’s essential to select the right coverage.

While all Representations and Warranties Insurance policies can enhance bids, protect relationships and maximize the seller’s return, SRS Acquiom goes beyond simply selling you insurance. We help safeguard your deal value.

SRS Acquiom brings the deepest experience in the industry when it comes to protecting clients’ assets.

  1. Data-driven approach. We help you select the insurance policy that’s right for your M&A deal. Our in-depth data helps us determine the type of coverage you’re most likely to need, and what you don’t need.
  2. Claims expertise. If you should need to make a claim, our expert team has unrivaled experience managing claims. It’s another way to help mitigate the risks of your transaction.
  3. Simplicity of one vendor. Every deal is different. Only SRS Acquiom offers a full suite of closing and post-closing services, so you can select the right mix of services to meet your unique needs. This allows for faster, simpler closings with fewer vendors.
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