Acquiom Compensation Payments

Unlike most payments processors, we handle payments to payees that are often subject to income and payroll tax withholding, such as option holders, restricted stockholders, participants in management carveout plans, and bonus recipients.  Contact us to learn more


✓   Comprehensive:  We handle withholding, remitting withheld taxes to taxing authorities, and submitting required tax reporting, including W-2s to payees.

✓   Simple Handoff of All Payments:  Buyers can wire the purchase price to one account and we take care of the rest.

✓   Future Payments:  Some M&A payments may not be done for years after the recipient has ceased to be an employee. With us as the payments processor, buyers don’t have to keep them on their payroll.

✓   Scalability:  Serial acquirers can now outsource compensation-based payments and avoid the need to add staff or implement new systems to keep pace with M&A activity.