Payments Administration

Payments administration and escrow deposit selections are challenges for most deal parties during M&A transactions. Delays and inflexible options cause anxiety and frustration. Only SRS Acquiom offers a comprehensive, simple, and automated solution for all of your payments and escrow needs. Contact us to learn more


Who We Pay : The 100% payment solution

✓   Securityholders – shareholders, warrant holders, note holders

✓   Employees – employee options, bonus recipients, carve-out plan participants

✓   Non-Employees – non-qualified options

✓   Vendors and Transaction Expenses

✓   Israeli Deal Parties – Our Partnership with ESOP Management & Trust Services allows us to fully process M&A payments including collection and management of Israeli withholding certificates, exemption and ITA tax withholding

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How We Pay : Flexible options for online and offline documents

✓   Acquiom Clearinghouse™ – The industry’s leading online platform for fast, simple, and accurate payments without tedious paperwork

✓   Streamlined Offline Process – When preferred, our user-friendly offline forms reduce inefficiencies for document collection

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After You Close :  Principal protection, administrative ease, and the opportunity for higher yield

✓  Escrow Shield Plus – An escrow investment solution offering folly collateralized principal guarantee through AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company

✓  Acquiom® Enhanced Escrow – Escrow deposit option from SunTrust and Capital One Bank designed to maximize your return

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