How We Improve Your M&A Escrow

Our full suite of M&A escrow solutions addresses principal protection, liquidity, and the opportunity for higher yields, all delivered in a hassle free transaction. By distributing escrow solutions from top-tier financial institutions, we make closing a transaction efficient and straightforward.

Principal ProtectionOpportunity for Higher YieldsImmediate LiquidityAdministrative Ease
EscrowUPtm - Do Good While Doing Well

SRS Acquiom has created a program that leverages M&A escrows to empower a diverse talent pool of emerging entrepreneurs: we call it EscrowUP.

EscrowUP works the same way our current M&A escrows do. The primary difference is that SRS Acquiom will donate 16 basis points of return per year on all escrow bank deposits. Learn More...

Escrow Shield Plustm

An investment product designed for M&A escrow accounts and backed by the strength of AXA Equitable, so you can have a simple solution that allows you to focus your attention on other important aspects of your deal - all with a 100% collateralized principal guarantee and the opportunity for higher yields.  Learn More...

Acquiom® Enhanced Escrow

Our enhanced escrows are deposit options from top-tier banks that deliver principal protection, immediate liquidity and higher yields. As the administrator, we make it easy for you.  Learn More...

Let us help simplify your escrow.

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See Escrow Shield PlustM overview and prospectus for more information.

1. Guarantees are based on claims paying ability of AXA Equitable. See About AXA Equitable for information on credit ratings. For detailed product information, see FAQ and prospectus.