What are the benefits to participants?

Participating merger parties benefit from the knowledge that their generosity is making a huge difference in the lives of emerging entrepreneurs with limited options.

Because funds flow directly from SRS Acquiom to receiving organizations, there is no cost and little to no burden on participants with respect to accounting, tax filings, registration and similar requirements. Additionally, unless they would prefer not to have their name used, public relations exposure will be given to merger parties in recognition for participating in the program.

SRS Acquiom and partners will be actively promoting the campaign on behalf of participants throughout the M&A industry and in the general business press. Stories of positive impact will be widely shared. SRS Acquiom will also provide promotional tools to help program participants share the impact of EscrowUP with their respective audiences.

As the merger parties get the same economic terms regardless of whether they participate in EscrowUP, these benefits come at no cost to them.

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