What level of service can I expect from SRS Acquiom?

SRS Acquiom serves as a single point of contact for customers to make the post-closing process easier. As the shareholder representative, Shareholder Representative Services (SRS) handles any claims that the buyer or others may make, in order to protect the selling securityholders’ interests in the escrow fund or holdback. In addition to managing any disputes, SRS serves as the primary point of contact for any questions one may have as a securityholder. SRS ComPort™ is a secure online site where you can see your escrow balance statements, receive news and other developments pertaining to your transaction, find frequently asked questions, and use many other helpful features. See a demonstration by visiting SRS ComPort™.

SRS Acquiom’s onboarding team consists of seasoned M&A attorneys who understand M&A hours.  Our goal is to provide thoughtful comments on merger documents and focus attention on only the most material issues (should there be any).

The post-closing process is even simpler when escrow solutions are combined with our payments administration service, Acquiom Clearinghouse. Buyers wire funds to two accounts and are done. Shareholders use a redesigned, more intuitive online Letter of Transmittal to easily confirm holdings, select a payment method and provide necessary account information in minutes. Buyers get daily reports. Attorneys encounter far fewer administrative hassles.

Contact us at sales@srsacquiom.com to learn more.

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