What is SRS Acquiom’s experience in the industry?

SRS Acquiom is the industry leader in providing innovative M&A closing and post-closing services and offers a full suite of services, including escrow, transactional risk, payments administration and shareholder representation.

Our solutions are designed with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of each deal. Founded in 2007 to solve pain points felt by individual shareholder representatives, SRS Acquiom continues to seek more efficient and simple ways to get M&A deals done.

We work with hundreds of venture capital and private equity clients, have represented over 130,000 securityholders in 100 countries, have been engaged on over 1,400 transactions with over $234 billion in aggregate deal value, and disbursed payments in excess of $40 billion.

The SRS Acquiom staff of 100 experts — corporate and litigation attorneys, forensic accountants, valuation experts, tax professionals, employment experts, and client support specialists — is the most experienced team ever assembled for M&A post-closing management.

Contact us at sales@srsacquiom.com to learn more.

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