How does the separate account with Escrow Shield Plus™ mitigate risk and provide principal protection?

AXA Equitable guarantees that as regards the separate account, assets held in the separate account together with the assets held in AXA Equitable’s general account that support their contractual commitment will at all times meet or exceed liabilities. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of AXA Equitable.

AXA Equitable cannot use this separate account to meet its obligations elsewhere.  As stated in the Escrow Shield Plus Agreement Section 1.2, “The Separate Account assets are held separate from other assets of AXA Equitable, are dedicated to support the guarantee of AXA Equitable hereunder and will not be used for any liabilities arising out of any other business of AXA Equitable.”

Also, the separate account assets cannot be claimed by any of AXA Equitable’s other creditors.  Per the Escrow Shield Plus Agreement Section 1.2, “In the event AXA Equitable is found by a court to be insolvent, the Buyer and Shareholder Representative will have a claim against the assets of the Separate Account, which is segregated from the assets of AXA Equitable’s general accounts and insulated from the claims that other creditors may have against such general accounts.”

See Escrow Shield Plus overview and prospectus for more information.

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