How can SRS Acquiom be as neutral as a typical escrow bank?

SRS Acquiom works with top-tier banks and financial institutions to create a comprehensive payments administration and escrow service solution. The escrow bank will release escrow funds only upon receipt of joint written instructions from both the buyer and seller’s representatives — standard practice in all escrow and paying agent contracts. This ensures the neutrality of this key part of the process. As the merger parties have requested, SRS Acquiom facilitates the administrative side of payments to shareholders only after the escrow bank has independently determined that it is proper for the money to be released. SRS Acquiom allows the shareholder representative to remain independent of the payment process, except when discharging its duties to consent to releases and to provide joint instructions.

SRS Acquiom’s key points of difference center around M&A expertise and efficiency. These include functions such as simplifying required forms, speeding up response, timeliness and avoidance of delays in issuing payments, and proactively contacting un-presented shareholders. SRS Acquiom’s team dramatically improves the administrative aspects of the escrow and payments process, and top-tier financial institutions ensure the neutrality needed when releasing funds.

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