Are SRS Acquiom and the escrow bank independent?

Yes.  SRS Acquiom works with top-tier banks and financial institutions to design and deliver improved escrow solutions, but SRS Acquiom and the banks are not affiliated in any other way. Acquiom Administration LLC acts as escrow and payment administrator on behalf of the parties in merger and acquisition transactions. Acquiom’s key points of difference largely center around M&A expertise and efficiency, including functions such as the simplifying required forms, speeding up response, timeliness and avoidance of delays in issuing payments, and proactively contacting un-presented shareholders. In short, SRS Acquiom’s team greatly improves the administrative aspects of the escrow and payments process, and the escrow bank ensures the neutrality needed when releasing funds.

SRS Acquiom never holds or takes possession of merger consideration; funds are held by the escrow bank as trust funds, or moved to depository accounts when available for distribution to shareholders. Neither SRS Acquiom nor any SRS Acquiom affiliates is, or is acting in the capacity of, a bank or money transmitter. SRS Acquiom and the escrow bank have extensive interaction throughout the post-closing process while ensuring seamless delivery of services, but each performs its role independently of the other. Clients get the best of both worlds: a dedicated administrator staffed by M&A specialists who provide an exceptionally high level of service and a top-tier banking institution that holds funds securely and provides highly efficient treasury and electronic payment services.

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