Information for Shareholders

Are You a Shareholder?

If you received an email or a letter from us, and you hold securities in a private company that is being acquired, then SRS Acquiom has been selected to work with you to close and complete the transaction.

SRS Acquiom®

SRS Acquiom is the global leader for managing post-closing activity in private M&A. We innovate new ways that help merger parties complete M&A transactions more efficiently and economically. We provide industry-leading services for shareholder representation, payments administration and escrow investment.

SRS®—Shareholder Representative Services

If you received an email or a letter from Shareholder Representative Services (SRS), and you hold securities in a private company that is being acquired, then SRS has been appointed as the shareholder representative to manage the post-closing rights and obligations of the selling shareholder group. We keep you informed about post-closing matters and work with the paying agent to administer post-closing payments from funds held in escrow.

What is SRS?

Part of SRS Acquiom, SRS invented professional shareholder representation in private M&A transactions to manage the issues that arise after closing. As global leader, we work with more than 500 private equity and venture capital clients, represent 85,000 securityholders, and are engaged in transactions valued at $150 billion.

Working with Securityholders

As the shareholder representative, SRS handles any claims that the buyer or others may make, in order to protect the securityholders’ interests in the escrow fund. In addition to managing disputes, SRS serves as the primary point of contact for questions you may have as a securityholder. SRS ComPort™ is a secure online site where you can see your escrow balance statements, see news and other developments pertaining to your transaction, find frequently asked questions, and use other helpful features. Visit SRS ComPort™.


If you received an email or a letter from SRS Acquiom or Acquiom, and you hold securities in a private company that is being acquired, then Acquiom has been selected to administer your closing payments and/or provide services related to funds held in escrow. We’ve administered over $11 billion in payments to date. Via our online platform, Acquiom Clearinghouse, you provide us with information on how you would like to be paid, and we make sure that happens quickly.

What is Acquiom?

The Acquiom suite of services was created by SRS Acquiom to replace outdated M&A processes and make things easier for all merger participants. We are retained by the acquiring company to work with the banks, the shareholder representative and the individual shareholders of the acquired company to release merger consideration as payments to you and the other shareholders.

Working with Securityholders

If SRS Acquiom has been retained to administer your closing payment and/or any escrow release payments that occur in the months after closing, then you will receive an email or letter from us with instructions. Once the completed letter of transmittal (LOT) is submitted via Acquiom Clearinghouse, and the acquisition is closed, we begin processing your payment immediately.

If you have questions, please see FAQ or contact your SRS Acquiom support team:

Phone: (415) 263-9018


"SRS [Acquiom] was able to effortlessly integrate into the merger negotiation process and will provide our stockholders with a heightened level of service." Cynthia Garabedian McAdam
Vice President and General Counsel, Postini