What Drives Us

Have you ever dared to challenge the system? Wondered if an idea could change the way business is done? Or simply, felt frustrated with the inefficiencies of a time honored process?

While asking these simple questions, SRS Acquiom realized that many M&A transactions were done in a way that was inefficient, tedious and unnecessarily expensive. Instead of abiding by the system, we saw the problems and decided to do something about them. And, we weren’t satisfied until we had a better solution to exceed even our toughest clients’ expectations. Re-engineering how deals are done became the passion and focus. The following is a word from our CEOs about their company vision.

In following this passion, SRS Acquiom has become an expert at managing private M&A post-closing activity. As the global leader, we represent more than 130,000 shareholders in 100 countries and have been engaged in over 1,400 transactions valued at $234 billion and growing.

Simply stated: No one comes close to delivering products and services that yield better economics with the ease and efficiency for buyers and sellers than SRS Acquiom. Using key data, insight and expertise, we offer industry-leading services, including:

Furthermore, SRS Acquiom continues to transform the industry, having introduced one-of-a-kind products and services, including:

Equally as important as offering the best products and services, we are motivated to support the industry with knowledge. We publish a wide array of annual data studies and publications used to shape industry best practices.

As we grow, we will continue to drive progress and innovation with an unwavering passion and an obsession for detail. Never satisfied with the status quo, we aim to:

  • Always put client needs first
  • Always ask the question, “Why” when we see inefficiencies
  • Always find a better solution if something doesn’t make sense

In doing so, we give our clients exceptional care and unrivaled service because they are our priority.


1. See Escrow Shield Plus overview and prospectus for more information.